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Obstetrician – specialists in pregnancy & birth

Obstetric care at Joondalup Private Hospital, Perth


We offer specialist obstetric care at Joondalup Private Hospital, Perth.

Dr Mark Sillender is a friendly, caring & very experienced specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Management of both uncomplicated and complicated pregnancy is offered.

Our team offers friendly, experienced, accessible, convenient maternity & obstetric care.

We aim to be as responsive as possible to your needs.



Our Perth obstetric services include

Preconception assessment | advice

Optimisation of medical problems and general health prior to embarking upon pregnancy. Our obstetrician, Dr Sillender has been published in academic journals on vitamin supplementation around conception.

All aspects of miscarriage care

Including the assessment and management of recurrent miscarriages. We understand the anxiety that women can have after miscarriage. We can support you and see you as often as you need. Scans can be used liberally.

General pregnancy care

We are happy to provide you with all reasonable birthing options from low-intervention natural births to Caesarean section (C-section). We are comfortable discussing all your wishes for your birth. Research has shown that having continuity of care is important for all women, both low and higher risk, who are pregnant.

Obstetric care for women with medical problems

Including high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma, kidney and bladder disorders, anaemia and thalassaemia, thyroid and other endocrine problems, liver and gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory conditions such as SLE and arthritis

Pregnancy care for women with reproductive problems

  • Fertility problems or those who have conceived with IVF or other reproductive technologies. Dr Sillender provides IVF in Perth and is therefore aware of the anxiety that comes with these pregnancies.
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Previous cervical surgery
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • An increased BMI
  • Previous preterm births
  • Previous significant pregnancy problems eg. growth restriction, haemorrhage, severe pre-eclampsia, deaths
  • Previous difficult or traumatic births
  • Pregnancy care for women with psychological or psychiatric conditions
  • Pregnancy and birth care for women with previous caesarean sections
  • Pregnancy and birth care for women with multiple pregnancies. Dr Sillender has lots of experience in managing twin pregnancies
  • Pregnancy and birth care for the over 40s, who often have specific issues.


We believe that, even in the presence of significant complications, it is our role to make the pregnancy & birth experience as positive as possible.


Our obstetric service


Dr Sillender has years of continuous experience of providing pregnancy care as an obstetrician, commencing training in 1996 and becoming a fully qualified specialist in 2004. He has trained in medicine & obstetrics & gynaecology and been a clinical teacher of undergraduates & postgraduates in Edinburgh, Oxford Deanery & London.


We can look after you before you fall pregnant, help you achieve pregnancy in a renowned fertility centre (PIVET in Perth) using IVF and other technologies if necessary, and then manage your ensuing pregnancies, contraception need, and gynaecologic issues until and then after your family is complete.


Our rooms are near Glengarry Private hospital – scanning & blood-taking are nearby which is very convenient.


We perform short, informal ultrasound scans at most visits to see your baby. These are not diagnostic. More formal diagnostic ultrasounds will be scheduled separately.


Our clinical obstetric practice considers that safety of you and your baby is paramount. Despite this, we can often accommodate your wishes for your labour and birth or delivery. If you want a normal birth, we can discuss & offer several evidence-based techniques to try & improve your prospects of it remaining a normal birth.

Focus on your care

Pregnancy bookings will be limited in numbers to ensure good work-life balance. Cover from another consultant is arranged for occasional leave.


We work collaboratively with the midwives, anaesthetists & peadiatricians at Glengarry hospital, interfacing smoothly. In certain cases, specialist medical colleagues are sometimes needed in defined situations in order to optimise your care eg. fetal medicine specialists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, intensivists etc.


It is the primary aim of obstetrics as a speciality to improve safety as much as possible. it is always on our minds.


Your appointments

When is the first appointment

You can make your first appointment at any time. A pre-conception check is a good idea if you have any medical issues. After pregnancy is confirmed, around 7-8 weeks is a good time to see us, especially if you want an early pregnancy scan to confirm all is OK. Women with a history of miscarriage can see us as soon as they confirm pregnancy if they want early pregnancy investigation & support.

What to expect

We’ll run through your GP’s referral, take your obstetric, gynaecological & medical history, do a brief examination and often a scan (if you haven’t already had this). We’ll organise all relevant tests and sort out any problems you might be having. Discussion of the birth is usually left until later, but some women want to discuss their birth options at this visit. Michelle, our practice manager will take care of all paperwork, and talk to you about how everything works.

Subsequent consultations

As we get to know you over the months, we find out what your priorities and wishes for the pregnancy, birth & afterwards are. This allows us to tailor our care to your needs.


Birth companions

Partner, friends & family

Partners, family members or sometimes a friend accompany women in the birth suite and provide support. A supportive companion has been proven by research to improve birth outcomes. You will also have a Joondalup midwife with you, with another midwife often joining us at the moment of birth. If you’re having a Caesarean, you would have your partner with you, although additional supporters can sometimes be catered for.


Location in Perth

We are near Glengarry Private Hospital, Perth. It’s easy to reach us from the Perth Western suburbs north of the river. Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Claremont are within a 20-25 minute drive.

Give us a call

Discuss any aspects of our service by calling our practice manager and experienced midwife, Michelle.

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