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  • TVT
    An option for treatment of stress incontinence not responding to physio.

TVT or TVT-O | Tape operation | Glengarry | Perth

This is a procedure for urinary stress incontinence. It is important to have tried physiotherapy first. If you have mixed incontinence with urgency as well, then urodynamics is recommended. The TVT operation is usually performed under general or spinal anaesthesia at Glengarry. A small cut is made inside the vagina and a tape is placed under the tube leading from the bladder – the urethra. The tape is threaded through to come out of your upper inner thigh (TVT-O) or just above your bikini-line (TVT). Satisfaction rates of 90% at 5 years are seen. The tape is permanent.

The operation is usually done as an overnight procedure at Glengarry. You will have a catheter in the bladder afterwards – this will be removed the next day. Other surgery may be done at the same time. You will be able to return to activity after a week. You need to avoid heavy lifting for about 6 weeks after the operation.

Risks of TVT and TVT-O

Many of these operations go very well, but in all surgery there is risk.

  • 10-15% failure to solve incontinence
  • 5% of women unable to pee after surgery (this is higher with TVT than TVT-O) – usually gets better with a little time
  • 25% bladder irritability (urgency symptoms) after the surgery – mostly mild (worse with TVT than TVT-O)
  • If you have urgency already, it may get better or worse.
  • 5% urine infection
  • Rarely, with TVT, damage to the bladder or blood vessels
  • 1% wound infection
  • 1% risk of mesh erosion or chronic infection
  • Rarely, pain in thighs (TVT-O), abdomen (TVT) or vagina (both) due to the tape.

When the tape is in it can be VERY difficult to remove. Be very sure about this surgery before you embark upon it. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, and this one is no exception. Before proceeding, you should do your own research. You should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. For instance, your GP’s, or a urogynaecologist’s opinion will be very helpful.

Stress incontinence

A TVT-O is a good option for many women who leak when they cough. Call us for an appointment.

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