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How straightforward is a sterilisation procedure?

What are the types of laparoscopic sterilisation? There are two main ways of performing sterilisation at laparoscopy (a type of keyhole surgery). The first, more common, method is to place specially designed clips on the tubes. These clips crush the tubes causing a small portion to be blocked. The clips remain in the body. Sometimes they migrate but this rarely causes problems. Sometimes the clips may be thought to cause pain afterwards – the so-called sterilisation syndrome
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The benefits of HRT

Why HRT is beneficial HRT is beneficial when started at the time of the menopause. The research that showed problems with HRT was in women in their 60s who already had medical problems. When started at the correct time, hormone replacement therapy cut deaths by 25% according to the research – people are afraid to use it because this wasn’t reported! Patches may be even better than tablets. HRT is good for treating flushes, sweats and vaginal dryness. It prevents fractur
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Having a LLETZ procedure to remove pre-cancer

What is the LLETZ procedure? The removal of abnormal cells, detected on a smear, from the cervix with a heated loop. It’s also called a LEEP procedure. Why do I need would I need a LLETZ? Following an abnormal smear test, colposcopy & biopsies, it becomes clear that the abnormal cells present on the cervix aren’t mild and likely to go away by themselves. Therefore, it’s important to have them removed in a simple way before they develop, over the course of several years,
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I’ve polycystic ovaries – what are they?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is common. It can cause absent, infrequent or heavy periods, reduced fertility, excess hair growth, and acne, and weight problems. Treatment includes weight loss if overweight, lifestyle changes in addition to treating individual symptoms. How the ovaries work The ovaries lie on either side of the womb, and are walnut-sized. They produce eggs and various hormones. • Ovulation normally occurs once a month when you release an egg, which is caught b
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Is the Mirena right for me?

What is Mirena used for? Mirena is a soft, flexible plastic device that releases tiny amounts of hormone locally into your womb. Most of the time this is a very straightforward procedure, although some women benefit from local anaesthetic. Contraception It gives you birth control you can count on, for up to 5 years. Mirena is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. You can try to become pregnant as soon as Mirena is removed. Heavy painful periods Mirena is also highly eff
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Would an endometrial ablation be right for me?

What is endometrial ablation and how good is it? It is a procedure to reduce excessive bleeding. The procedure destroys just the lining of the womb by the use of heat. In most cases, bleeding during your period will be reduced to moderate, light or no flow. Some women may experience spotting. Around 10% of patients may not reduce their periods enough and may require additional treatment. Am I a candidate for this operation? We must rule out abnormal uterine conditions like some fi
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Healthy eating and drinking in pregnancy

Discuss healthy weight during pregnancy with us. Keep fitter in your pregnancy by using these tips. Choose food wisely and exercise regularly to improve your health and fitness. This will help to minimise weight gain. Adequate nutrient intake during pregnancy is important for you and your baby, and can be achieved while eating less energy-rich food. Ask for specific advice for dieting during pregnancy. Base each meal on a balance of 1/4 dinner plate of lean protein (meat, fish, ch
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Pain relief options in labour

Most women do not require pain relief during early labour, but seek it once the active phase of first-stage labour begins. Nondrug techniques can be learnt as part of antenatal care, including relaxation techniques. However, as pain increases with advancing labour, the methods of relief below are all available and are recommended. Women who receive continuous support during labour are more likely to give birth unaided and are less likely to use analgesia. This is more effective wh
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Facts about early miscarriage

What is early miscarriage? Early miscarriage is when a woman loses her pregnancy in the first three months. It may be accompanied by vaginal bleeding and pain. Many early miscarriages occur before a woman has missed her first period or before her pregnancy has been confirmed. Once you have had a positive pregnancy test, there is around a one in five (20%) risk of having a miscarriage in the first three months. Most miscarriages occur as a ‘one-off’ event and there is a good chance
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